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It's so amusing how sad some people are; How they have to tear apart someone else to make themselves feel better. I'm on about bad_rpers_suck. Why? Because some low life, Erica, has decided that because she didn't get her way she was to copy and paste every thread I was to make me feel bad. When I posted my side of the story, however, I was bombarded with comments such as "but she's right". How would they know?

The entire community is built off of one person's point of view, not both. Everyone there is being biased and quite a hypocrite yet they're completely unaware of this. She intentionally bashed fuill_ghlen, but the funny thing is - all the people that agreed with her aren't part of the role-play themselves and are making accusations against it just by it's looks, or what ONE person has to say. Funny they listen to one person, but really now.. why would we have thirty six active characters if it was nearly as bad as she suggests? The members we have all agree that they love the game, and though Erica nor anyone at bad_rpers_suck believes this, it's true.

It's not only bad that she has to bash me, which I honestly don't mind as it's quite amusing how sad some people have to be to get someone to agree with them, but she has to go off and bash Virus, Rick, and Krist. She claims I made Virus a MOD because we were dating. No, I didn't. I made her a MOD because she had some great ideas on how to make the community better and I knew I couldn't run the thing by myself. What she posted about loving me is her business - I never told her too. And has Erica ever taken the time to get to know either one of us? No. She decides to bash us because we were dating. That should tell you something right there. She suggests Rick's lame because he was trying to cheer me up. Wow, how mature, and she also suggests Krist's stupid for writing me a letter.

Beginning to see a pattern?

As Krist noted yesterday, not every role-player visits that community and those that do are brain washed into believing that if they tear apart someone else's hard work or anything about them they can make themselves feel better. Sad really. Couldn't they do something productive with their time?

What's even more amusing is that I went to talk to Erica yesterday to see if we could clear all of it up, because as some of the comments suggested - it is petty to hold a grudge. To my knowledge everything was fine when we stopped talking but she's back to her old tricks yet again and claiming I've done something I haven't. She has mood-swings, I swear. Or perhaps they're more along the lines of multiple personalities. Either way, she's doing all of this over the matter of a game. I guess she must think it's the end of my world as we know it.


And now, a shout out to Krist, because I know she's feeling bad. I and Sexy Steve love you very much.


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